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Florence Police Department - Community Policing

The Florence Police Department has implemented an intensive community policing approach in its day to day operations. At the very core of the community policing concept is a partnership between police and the community. By working together we hope to identify problems in the community, and once we find the cause - in partnership- we can develop solutions and eliminate these problems completely. One of our biggest efforts is our Community Policing Unit which was started in September of 1999.  This unit is made up of four officers and a Lieutenant.  Each one of the four officers is assigned to one of the four police patrol zones in the city.  These officers work hand in hand with the citizens of their respective zones to resolve problems within the community.  Please take a moment to look through this section of our site and learn more about this unit and how you can interact and work with them. 

Below are some of the programs that the unit is responsible for.

Neighborhood Watch

Crime Prevention

Home Security Checks

Kids Safety

Senior Citizen Crime Awareness

Volunteers in Policing

Citizens Police Academy

(Download an application for the Citizens Police Academy here.)

Don't know what patrol zone you live in?  Go here.

Community Police Officers

Ricky Sharp Vicky Gillette



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