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The Special Operations Team, also known as SWAT, is a unit of officers
highly trained in various weaponry and tactics. SWAT is used in high
risk situations where the potential for danger is great. Common situations
where SWAT is needed are hostage situations, barricaded persons,
and high-risk warrant service.

Through the well trained team concept, combined with special weapons and tactics, the goal of SWAT is to apprehend dangerous persons without
death or injuries to all parties involved. SWAT officers receive extensive training above that of other police officers and ongoing training twice a month.

One piece of SWAT equipment that is recognizable to the public are the hoods that SWAT members are often seen wearing. These hoods, or balaclava, are not to conceal the officers' identity, but is protection for the officers face and neck from tear gas which is frequently used. There is also a benefit of intimidation to the offenders to urge surrender.

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