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Employment With The Florence Police Department

The City of Florence Civil Service board accepts applications for Police Officer on an ongoing basis and tests as needed.

Florence Police Application Process

The Civil Service Board accepts applications on an on going basis. When openings occur, testing is scheduled.

Test Day

A. Two Phases:

1. Physical Agility Tests:

a. 22 push-ups in one minute (Immediate elimination for failure to complete.)
b. 25 sit-ups in one minute (Immediate elimination for failure to complete.)
c. 1.5 miles in 15 minutes, 28 seconds or less (Immediate elimination for failure to complete.)
Note: These are "pass/fail" tests. No extra points or credit is given to those who finish first or do more.)

2. Written Tests (Only offered to those who successfully complete all aspects
of the physical ability test. There is a small processing fee of $1.50 due at the
time of the test. )

Background Investigation (Including, but not limited to the following:)

1. Credit check

2. Driving Record

3. Criminal history (Domestic Violence convictions or felony convictions of any kind eliminate a candidate from consideration.)

Computer Voice Stress Analysis (A Computer Voice Stress Analysis is similar to a
"polygraph" exam.)

Interviews (The top candidates, as selected by the Civil Service Board, will be considered for interview by the Board.)

Conditional offer of employment (Candidates are offered "conditional employment" at this point, contingent upon the results of the psychological and medical examinations.)

Psychological and Medical Examinations
(Once hired, recruits must successfully complete the following to maintain employment:)

12 week Police Academy (out of town)

12 week Field Training and Evaluation Program

The City of Florence does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in employment nor in the provision of services.

Click Here to Download the Application -- PDF Format

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