Local Laws
1. Sec.4-80 (Running at Large)

"It shall be unlawful for any dog to run at large inside the city limits. You may let the dog loose in your yard not confined if you can control him but if you go inside the dog must be confined. You may take your dog to the park as long as you keep it on a leash."

2. Sec.4-7 (Cruelty to Animals)

"In FLORENCE all dogs must be well taken care of or the abuser will face prosecution. All animals will be provided a four sided structure to live in, fresh water at all times, if confined by chain it must be at least eight feet long and tangle-free. The best type of structure is an igloo-type house. We will take custody of any animal that is being mistreated or one that is not being given proper medical care. No animal may be left unattended at anytime in a vehicle."

3. Sec.4-10 "No person shall have a vicious animal inside the city limits" The Animal Control Dept. has the right to ban vicious animals or force the owner to move them outside the city limits."

4. Sec.4-12 "Barking Dogs"

We receive many complaints on barking dogs. When someone complains about barking dogs we assist by taking the dog's owner a copy of the ordinance letting them know someone has complained. The next step requires the person complaining to have a summons sent to the owner and then both parties will appear before the municipal judge."

Most fines and court fees will cost offenders about $300.00