Adopt-A-Pound Puppy Program

Daughtry Perritt (Pet Depot owner) and our staff sat down and came up with an idea to try and adopt out more pets.

Pet Depot stated they were willing to take excess puppies and kittens from the shelter and adopt them out at the same charge.

Neither side had any idea how popular this program would become.   Immediately, Pet Depot began adopting out as many pets as the shelter.

"Pet Depot is just a fun place to go for all ages.  When you first walk in you are greeted by our puppies and kittens, and in the back you'll find ferrets, snakes, birds, and rabbits. We at the shelter can not tell you how thankful we are for Pet Depot.  They have saved so many lives its just incredible."


Our staff created a new character to assist in the early childhood education of our students. The new spokesman is " Pete" a loveable mixed terrier who educates kids by giving them a foundation to build on when it comes to caring for pets.

Pete tells kids to remember all animals depend on us for love, food, water, shelter, and medical attention.

This is all in the format of a coloring and educational book that was provided by the HOBO FOUNDATION.  There is no way to know how many pets have been saved by the HOBO FOUNDATION.  They have been a God send to this shelter.