Become a FLAS Volunteer

Click Here to Download the FLAS Volunteer Application

FLAS is much more than just an animal shelter. Itís a place where dedicated professionals and volunteers share their commitment, their passion and their talent to help the animals and people in our community.

Steps to becoming a FLAS Volunteer:

  • Step One: Submit a FLAS sign up form

  • Step Two: Complete Volunteer Orientation

  • Step Three: Sign up on our Volunteerís Facebook Page Calendar

  • Volunteer Orientation Sessions will be offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 10:00 AM.

Ways You Can Volunteer:

Dog Walking: Walk dogs on leash in our fenced exercise yard, providing training and socialization to increase adoptability during the animals' stay at the shelter.

Kennel Assistance: Train and socialize dogs in the shelter to increase their adoptability, assist members of the public looking to adopt a new companion.

Cat Habitat/Kitten Room: Socialize the cats in the shelter and assist members of the public looking to adopt a new companion.

Pet Detective:
Assist members of the public looking for lost pets; check and compare lost and found reports, internet lost and found reports; and escort visitors to stray hold areas to claim their lost companion.

Assist members of the public visiting the animal shelter by answering questions and directing them to their destination.

Adoption Promotion and Assistance:
Take digital photos of animals awaiting adoption, upload them to the Internet with cute and descriptive write-ups to promote the animals to potential adopters.

Outreach & Events Assistance:
Participate in community events in the Shoals area to promote the work of FLAS and to adopt out animals in need of new permanent and loving homes.

Volunteer Program Assistance:
Provide administrative support to the volunteer program at FLAS with data entry, filing and paperwork support.

Transport Team:
Help FLAS with the transfer of animals to our placement partners throughout the United States by using your own vehicle to transport animals to other shelters and/or rescue groups on an on-call basis.

General Cleaning:
Laundry, dishes, kennel cleaning, disinfection, sweeping/mopping, cage cleaning, cleaning outdoor areas, etc.

Foster Care:
Provide a temporary home to animals who need a bit of time and extra TLC before being made available for adoption and going to their new homes.

Provide assistance with marketing and fundraising with FLAS.